Mr. Biggs Tutor-Time Preschool event!

 I was asked if I was interested in doing a reading of Mr. Biggs at Tutor Time learning centers (preschool) outside of LA and I jumped at the chance. There is no better feeling then seeing a room full of happy children listening, and participating in a Mr. Biggs adventure. 





For this event I teamed up with Roxanne Jeppesen and her non-profit Cultivating Creative Minds ( She brought a handful of large hand drums and with her enthusiasm managed to get a room full of 3 to 6 year olds in rhythm… all except me. I couldn’t keep up.

The reading went great. We asked questions throughout the reading and rewarded the kids answers with a chance to play the drum to the rest of the class.

After the reading the kids had the chance to compare their foot size to Mr. Biggs giant footsteps.

All in all a great event. Thank you to Tutor Time ( for letting us share Mr. Biggs!


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